By Day By Night | NYC

The weather in New York was beautiful. Some days however, it would be warm and sunny one moment and cold and nippy the next. So on this particular day, when the sun began to go down, and the chills ran through my body I decided to do a quick day-to-night  wardrobe change to go from East village to Times Square.  All I did was put some slacks on over my tights, and throw on a bright shirt for a little pop of extra color. -J
IMG_9952 IMG_9988 IMG_9862 IMG_9921 IMG_9913 IMG_9941

Look One:

Top: My mother’s vintage

Denim Button up: second-hand for $1 ❤

Shorts: Sabo Skirt

Tights: Fiore

Shoes: Cole Haan

Sunnies: New York Pop Up

Look Two (Change):

Top: Sabo Skirt

Bottoms: H & M


New York Exploration

New York was pure magic, The weather was awesome. Day one, it was hot .. I mean really hot. I almost wish my top wasn’t such a heavy, knit material. We explored Washington Square park near New York University. That park is basically the quad / common area for the college students since there isn’t a proper campus. There were a few events going on at the park both for the public and for the school. It was a blast.

We walked everywhere. For brunch, we went down to China town and had dim-sum at a hole in the wall spot, that turned out to be amazing! I wasn’t surprised, the food in New York is spot on!



I’m Wearing: Top: Vintage Knit | Bottoms: Sabo Skirt | Shoes: Nike | Purse: Nine West

When in Austin

This was my first time in Austin, and I had a BLAST! I went to visit my friend from high school who I hadn’t seen in over 3 years since she had moved from California. I was blown away at how GREEN it was, I am pretty sure that’s the first thing I said when I got off the plane. As you know, Austin in the capital of Texas, so there was lots to see, including, of course, the Capital Building.

My outfits were very basic and comfy in Texas. All black, or Black and white. Which is not my usual, but with the wide array of outdoor activities, and me not having a problem with wearing my basics, I wanted to be as simple as possible. I actually had to toss my pants, because I had worn them out! (Thank god they weren’t expensive),  but see, if I had to throw away my expensive pants, I would have been upset! (So it all worked out.)img_9121.jpgimg_9183.jpgimg_9192.jpgimg_9200.jpgimg_9205.jpg

Renata and I took a “duck tour” which is basically a tour of Austin on wheels, then the bus turns into a boat, and you sail around the lake, taking a look at all the prime real estate. 😉 This home is owned by the CEO of Samsung. (The more you know)img_9210.jpgimg_9212.jpgimg_9220.jpg

We went to Redbud Isle, an off-leash dog park right on the lake. img_9245.jpgimg_9297.jpgimg_9316.jpg

So this bundle of joy is Kyra! Kyra is my friend Renata’s dog, who actually.. is famous. Long story short, she found Kyra stranded about 2 hours away from Austin, crying in pain from a broken leg. After calling a number that was disconnected on her collar, she took out a loan, and fixed Kyra’s leg right up, few surgeries later, and they are the best of friends!! Then they got featured on Buzz Feed! You can read more of their amazing story HERE!


The shopping In Austin is awesome! The gold sunglasses I am sporting in these pictures are from there! We did most of our shopping on South Congress St. So many little pop in spots with all sorts of goodies and treasures. Walking around the streets, you can hear birds, and not like sparrows and crows like here in LA, but pretty chirps that you can hear all around continuously.

Another fun thing that we did (you can check out my instagram for photos) was kayaking! Wow, this was probably the highlight of my trip, and also something I was really nervous about! (this is why you should always try new things! 😉 )  I didn’t want to tip over! But once you are inside the kayak, and you feel pretty secure, (because truth is you aren’t going to fall) it was a blast!!

Overall the trip was amazing. I met great people, got to see my friend after years! and witnessed the beauty that was Austin TX.

You can follow Kyra and Renata on instagram here!


Up North For Wine Tasting #Tbt

I know what you’re thinking…. throw back Thursday? Really? I know, but I found photos from this day that I thought I had lost, so with my excitement, I decided to share with you all these amazing few days with my boyfriend, Eric, and his wonderful family! This was, I think, my first REAL wine tasting expirience, and it was in such a beautiful place. We hit Los Olivos, San Ynez, and Solvang, Ca. Perfect places to go wine tasting. All the winearies we went to were so different from one another. One even looked like a shack. But on the inside, it was AMAZING, even had a beautiful outdoor garden. And yes, along the way we stopped to visit with the cows. (for a while actually) haha. It was one of the funnest little weekend trips I have taken. So fun!IMG_8785 IMG_8769 IMG_8746 IMG_8757 IMG_8744 IMG_8778IMG_8800IMG_8793trip11 IMG_8795IMG_8776IMG_8743

When in Hawaii

Hey there everyone! Hope you’re all having a great week so far. Really excited about this post, because it’s my first travel post. For those of you who don’t know, I have done a lot of traveling, but I haven’t been anywhere as many times as I have been to Hawaii. I would mostly go with my dad on business trips, but because of that, I got to really experience the beauty of all the Hawaiian Islands.

Starting March, I will be visiting New Orleans, Then a quick stop in New Mexico for a couple days. Then in April, I’ll be going to Austin, and soon after I’ll be in New York, so stay tuned for that! Have lots going on, and I am so excited to share with all of you. For now, though we are talking about Hawaii and what to do while you are out there! There are many wonderful islands to visit, and if you have the time, I’d suggest visiting them. Hawaii is the biggest and most popular, so I’ll talk about this one!

Black  Sand  Beaches 

Punaluu Black Sand Beach

The Black sand beaches are amazing. First they are gorgeous, and second, there are more often than not some sea turtles sun bathing on shore. Bring shoes! These black sand beaches are actually very hot, SHOCKER.. Because the sand is black, the sun hits it all day, and heats it up pretty nicely. This is why turtles flock to it to both sun bathe, as well as bury their eggs before they hatch.

Where  To  Eat

sunset-at-ulu-4-seasons-hualalai-72dpi-0801_r640x453I’ll be honest, you can’t really go wrong. The food is so amazing here.. so fresh! But I will name a few of my favorites. For brunch, and dinner, The Four Seasons’  ‘Ulu is amazing. The restaurant is right on the beach, and you can even have them make your own omelet right in front of you with the freshest eggs EVER. For a quick stop, Da Poke Shack is another FAVE!

Things  To  Do


Okay, Seriously how gorgeous does that look. Imagine being there! Where’s there you ask? The Hawaii Tropical Botanical Garden. This spot is an absolute must see while in Hawaii. The forest includes waterfalls, even tropical little creatures. The air is so fresh, and you’re surrounded by absolute beauty. Another must see is the Hawaii Volcanoes National Park. Here there are Miles of Hiking, you can even walk through walk-in lava tubes. It’s absolutely an experience. There are also tons of museums, and living history farms that are worth a visit. My other favorite place to stop by is a great Luau. Paradise Cove is an amazing experience. They have multiple shows, buffet style food, you can run around the beach, and kids can play games! They even have a guy who climbs a palm tree, picks coconuts, then showers you in Plumeria flowers. Lastly Canoe Ride! This is the best, so much fun. Definitely not something you can just do here in CA.

Where  To  Relax


Let’s be real. Hawaii is all about relaxation and leisure. But if you are looking for a spa experience, this place is worth a try. Serenity Spa Hawaii has it all. Facials, massages, couples massage, they even have options for your kids so you can relax. My other suggestion …much cheaper too, would be to find a hammock on the beach, and just lay, read a book, or cuddle up with your special someone. You really can’t go wrong finding relaxation here in this gorgeous place.