Janine Marie



Janine Marie is a gal of many things. Business owner, Tahitian fitness dancer, and Blogger. She began writing at a young age, constantly creating poetry and entries in her journal as a way of getting things off her mind. She saw it as a way of letting emotions out that she would later look back on and learn from. In 2007, Janine’s high school poem was selected out of thousands submitted nation-wide to be published in a children’s poem book. After realizing her talents she continued writing, eventually starting her first public blog that grew and became the on-going hobby that it is today. Combining all her passions into one place, she continues to enjoy the little things.

 For any press, sponsorship or endorsement related inquiries, please contact janine@ninelittlethings.com.



F A Q :

What’s the meaning behind your blog’s name?:

Well, “NINE” is a part of my name that I actually used to get teased about. I remember in high school (9th grade private school) we had a substitute teacher come in, and as he called names, he called me (Jay-nine). I quickly corrected him, but his reply was “In the bible it says let is be said as it is written.” The entire class busted up laughing at me, and for the longest time, I hated my name. Now that I am older, I embrace it. I also enjoy the little things in life, always have, and that’s where my blog name came from.

Where does the Hawaiian “tropical” influence stem from?:

When I was 4 years old, My mother, father and I traveled to Hawaii every summer for my dad’s company business trips. There, I met a woman named Lei who worked at the hotel’s cultural center and was also a professional dancer. She taught me how to hula, and even brought me on stage at a few luaus. I was so intrigued that I found a hula halau (school) back at home at the age of 8. in 2015 I contacted the hotel and somehow, the lady who answered knew Ruby *Lei* personally, and I was able to re-connect with her! We still talk to this day. Hawaii and Hawaiian culture has always been very near and dear to my heart. I still dance today!


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