Power To The Hat!

Have you ever seen someone walking down the street, with a hat on, and said to yourself.. “wow that is the least fashionable looking person I’ve ever seen” …Maybe… But most of the time, all you can think about is how great their outfit looks, when really, it’s all in the hat.

My favorite thing to do, mostly on Fridays, is to roll out of bed in my plain T I wore to sleep and throw on some jeans, with a military jacket, and … drum roll please… a hat. Seriously. This simple item makes any outfit suddenly appear more refined, even though all you did (really) was add that hat!

IMG_0835IMG_0839IMG_0852IMG_0885IMG_0867IMG_0869IMG_0870 IMG_0878 IMG_0880 IMG_0943 IMG_0964

Bloom Playsuit: Sabo Skirt  |  Wind Breaker : Hard Rock Café | Shoes: Nike | Jewels: Melody Ehsani | Hat : Urban Outfitters 


Janine Marie

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