Utilizing Talents

It’s so awesome to have talents… I think everyone in one sense or another has a talent, whether it’s a very specific talent, or a broad array of talents.

Personally, other than dance, creativity is my talent. (So deep and alluring….I know). I come from a line of very talented women. My mom is probably one of the most creatively talented people I know!

Any craft you can name, she can do, and probably HAS done.

Painting, drawing, sculpting, knitting, sewing, quilting, baking, DIY-ing… The list goes on….

I feel lucky. But like many of us, it’s finding a path in life that suits our talents.. And in many cases, it frustrates us because you have these ideas and talents, but aren’t sure how to turn them into something GREAT, or something more than just a hobby. Talents are our talents because it’s what we have worked at our entire lives, so not being able to focous on our talents, or in other words, our passions and desires

There are many times when I myself get down because I am not working on my business 24/7… Especially now, when the company is about to launch a clothing line on top of its already existing accessories. But the reality is… I have it all ass backwards.. And here’s why.

Right now, I work full-time… in a field that interests me, but doesn’t intrigue me to the point of indulgence or fulfillment. What intrigues me? Fashion, Art, style and interior design! So now what?

I think it’s important to never give up on your passions. My company is my talent and my passion. If I could invest all of my time into it, I totally would, and I would be happy doing just that for the rest of my life, stresses and all. But with that being said, time is money. My business, costs money…Everything so far has always ended at money. And though money isn’t everything, in business, it kind of is.

Keeping the full-time job you have is important. No matter what, even if it’s a job you HATE, you can always learn something, and take the experiences you learned and apply them to your business when that time comes.

 My favorite quote: Don’t compare your chapter 1 to someone else’s chapter 20.”

It’s important not to get too caught up in what other people are doing with their lives. I can tell you one thing for sure, all the people you look at on social media and wish their life was yours, has gone through, or is STILL going through something that’s knocking them down, but it’s their job to pick themselves back up. It’s good to be lost sometimes… If you’re never lost, you’ll never be found. Never get discouraged because you are working a 9-5 while others you know… (Or just follow on Instagram), seem to be living the dream you have every day.

It’s easy to come home from a long day and be discouraged.

Working hard now… at your 9-5, while spending free-time working on your dreams for yourself little by little is key. Never rush anything, or be hasty. Don’t quit a job because you think you have an idea that could be GREAT… Pace yourself and your emotions. Earn capital that is specifically put aside for a business or an idea… Make those talents a reality, and don’t let anyone tell you it’s too late.


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