Styled To Explore

Eric and I haven’t had much time to explore the new neighborhood we moved to a couple of months ago due to us getting a puppy who couldn’t go outside until she had all her shots. The constant fear that she would destroy the apartment if we left her, held us back from doing much. But now that we know our beast is not as crazy as we had expected, we slowly began going out, letting her enjoy the apartment to herself. (so far, no disasters)

We found that we have QUITE a lot to do in the new neighborhood, and this is something to be happy about. A walk-able living area, is a happy living area. There’s an outdoor cafe, which has afternoon tea and scones! So European. There are also a couple of bars, and my personal favorite, a park, that is about 100 feet from our front door where people BBQ, play on the playground, have yoga and exercise classes, and, cutest of all, there’s a small “library” stand where you drop off a book to get a book. It was pretty awesome.


I’m Wearing: Vintage Find Top  |  Sabo Skirt Shorts | Yes We Are The Shit Sandals  |  Nastasya Cat Eye Sunglasses | Coco Tree Necklace

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