In His Clothes

When it’s really hot out, it feels good to wear a dress. Sometimes, your boyfriends long tank will fiill the position of “dress of the day” perfectly! Of, course there are guidelines. Make sure the shirt is an appropriate length, and if the arm holes are large, wear a sports bra, bralette, or bandeau underneath…. (bathing suits work too).  Then accessorize!

It has been hot hot hot this summer, and I really wanted to wear a dress, but wanted to have some fun with it, so I pulled out Eric’s tank, and it worked. I then accessorized with a Coco Tree necklace, layerd with a Hei-tiki necklace. (will explain it’s meaning below) Bag was handmade by my mom, and it’s colors were perfect for bringing out the purple in my stone.
img_9774 (1)

The Hei-Tiki is an ornamental pendant of the Māori. They are commonly referred to as tiki. Tourist versions are commonly found throughout New Zealand. One theory of the origin of the hei-tiki suggests a connection with Tiki, the first man in Māori legend Who was said to have come from the stars.

img_9792Above all the Maori tiki is also a symbol of commemoration of ancestors. A tribute to forefathers. Especially the greenstone jade carved tiki pendants that were thought to adopt the spirits of the persons who wore them before. This way they became vessels of ancestral knowledge and energy. That’s probably why the wearer of a tiki necklace (or hei tiki) is considered to have inner balance and strength, great wisdom, and a clear mind. He is said to be a thinker, a wise and loyal person. The reference to tiki as “the teacher of all worldly things” fits into this description.

I was given this necklace as part of a costume when I was a Polynesian dance performer. We did the Maori Dance, an ancient war dance traditionally used on the battlefield, as well as when groups came together in peace. Haka Maori dances are a fierce display of a tribe’s pride, strength and unity.img_9795.jpgimg_9782img_9750.jpg

Crooks & Castles Men’s tank

Coco Tree Necklace (new collection, coming tomorrow!)

Maori Tiki Necklace

Target Sunglasses

YES (we are the shit) Ruby Sandal

Handmade Knit Body Bag

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