By Day By Night | NYC

The weather in New York was beautiful. Some days however, it would be warm and sunny one moment and cold and nippy the next. So on this particular day, when the sun began to go down, and the chills ran through my body I decided to do a quick day-to-night  wardrobe change to go from East village to Times Square.  All I did was put some slacks on over my tights, and throw on a bright shirt for a little pop of extra color. -J
IMG_9952 IMG_9988 IMG_9862 IMG_9921 IMG_9913 IMG_9941

Look One:

Top: My mother’s vintage

Denim Button up: second-hand for $1 ❤

Shorts: Sabo Skirt

Tights: Fiore

Shoes: Cole Haan

Sunnies: New York Pop Up

Look Two (Change):

Top: Sabo Skirt

Bottoms: H & M


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