How To Shop Without Overspending

It’s the technological age where shopping online is easier than ever. We all know the habit way too well, Come home from work, make dinner, browse the web shopping til your fingers are sore! There have been one too many times where I have gone online shopping out of pure boredom and deciding it was the smart thing to do, and that I NEEDED to get some new clothes. Truth was I didn’t need any of what I ordered and 9/10 times I hated the things I would purchase once it arrived. Here’s how to shop smart in just 3 easy steps. -J 

1: Clean  out  your  closet:

Cleaning out your closet is so crucial. I am one of those people who hoard every item of clothing I own, thinking that ‘maybe one day I’ll wear this’ but I never do, let’s be real. So if you are like me, and have the worst time getting rid of clothes, go little by little. It took me about a month to really get my closet cleaned out (and I have to tell ya’, it feels AMAZING.) If you haven’t worn the item in a month or more TOSS IT. Seriously, just do it. Another method of doing this is to turn all your hangers around the opposite way, and by the end of the month, whichever hangers are still turned the opposite way, get rid of those things, you aren’t wearing them.

2: Organize:

Once all your “I really don’t need this”  items are gone, organize. Put all your shirts together, all your pants together, all your jackets together, dresses, jumpers, etc. This way you’ll have a very clear idea of what you actually NEED, and what you have too much of.

3:  Start  the  hunt:

Now that you have a pretty clear view of what you need, versus what you THINK you need, you can shop. The sale section is your best friend. I never recommend buying items that are “cheap”. Don’t shop at places that take designs and recreate them in china, allowing them to mark down their clothes to $10 for a pair of pants, when clearly it’s a redesign of another company. The perfect example would be Sure you’re saving money, but chances are the material and stitching on these items will be totally shit, and will fall apart a year from now, or maybe even sooner. So are you really saving money? No not really.

Hit up the sale rack at any of your favorite online retailers first, before checking out their new arrivals. And remember only things you NEED. Just yesterday I finished clearing out my closet, organizing, and I realized what I needed, which was some new socks, a new bra, and a pair of trousers that I can wear to work, but also wear around town, and I feel much better about that purchase than spending X amount of dollars at a place like She Inside and spending less to get MORE. In reality you really want something that’s going to last you, so spending a little extra on whatever it is won’t kill you. It will only kill you if you’re buying things you don’t need… See how that works?  I needed one pair of trousers. They were on SALE from $50.00, marked down to $30 or so, so I spent the 30. But If I went on a spree and bought other non sense, I would have spent a whole lot more. That’s where the saying ” I spent all this money and have no idea where it goes”  come in, because you didn’t need that blouse, or those shoes, now you’re broke.

And that’s it! In review, all you really need to do is focus on what things you really need to be spending money on. Set a limit for your spending, something you know you can afford, and you’ll be set!

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