Why Going Main-Stream Is Not My Goal

In the world of technology today, there are many fashion bloggers that we know of. There are the ones who have hundreds of thousands of followers, like Peace Love Shea, style scrapbook, Zanita Who, and How Two Live. All names that if you knew the fashion world, you may have heard of. Then you have your bloggers with the millions of followers like Song of style, Kayture, and Tuula Vintage. All these ladies have one very amazing thing in common, and that’s their ability to be genuine during their fashion journey. Which is exactly how it should be.

Though all these girls are fashion gurus, no two blogger is the same. Aimee Song of Song of Style shares her fashion journey along with her full-time job as an interior designer. While Kristina Bazan of Kayture is more about the lifestyle glitz and glamour. Then you have Jessica Stein of Tuula Vintage, who has millions of followers, but who you’ll hardly see at any major event because she is too busy traveling to world, living the travel girls dream. Then you get to the bloggers with hundreds of thousands of followers Like Zanita, who blogs a lot about positivity, and personal growth, Jess & Stef of How Two live, a couple of Australian sisters sharing a colorful, out of the box way of dressing. Shea Marie of Peace Love Shea who is your typical fun LA girl, and Andy Torres of Style Scrapbook who’s genuine love for fashion and being happy shines through.

It’s bloggers like these that we strive to be. Or, at least, that I strive to be. Someone who poses an impact in a positive way. Who wants to inspire others while being inspired. Then I see Main stream bloggers, like Chiara of The Blonde Salad. Someone that you either know of through being a fashion enthusiast, have seen her magazine spreads, or whatever it may be. Racking up a whopping 3.7 million followers Makes her the most known fashion blogger to date. But what happens when you lose yourself in that? When it’s not so much about personal style, and spreading inspiration, but about money and name brand everything. Not that that’s not something to be proud of, she has made it to the top of the totem pole, and she should be very proud. But in my eyes, so have all the other bloggers I named, But to me the difference is, again, being genuine to yourself, your fans, and your work. Not losing track of why you started blogging in the first place. To make others happy, and inspire them.

Don’t get me wrong, I want people to know of my blog, and so on. But not for the money, or the fame, but for the whole purpose of inspiring. Just like the other lovely ladies I named, who just want to send a positive message. Don’t be afraid to always be yourself when you blog. Don’t try to imitate any fashion blogger you  know, because that’s where the genuine gets lost. If fame were to ever happen, or too many followers that would have me grace the cover of fashion mags all over the globe, I only hope that I could use that for good, and never ever lose my genuine self. That is why becoming main-steam, is NOT my goal, and shouldn’t be yours either.

“Don’t compare your chapter 1 to someone else’s chapter 20” 

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2 thoughts on “Why Going Main-Stream Is Not My Goal

  1. I believe the same!! Be a blogger has to be to inspire others, and well each person has a different journey, but we should never ever lose who we really are ! I enjoy your blog!! keep it up 🙂
    My blog milerubio.com

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