My favorite Flowers For Decorating

Hey Guys and Dolls! Today is officially the first day of Spring! Yipppeee! Spring is my favorite season. It’s the time right before the sweltering heat of summer where the flowers are beginning to bloom, and the weather is heating up only enough to be perfectly comfortable.  My favorite thing to do is gather flowers and fill my home with them! This brings a peaceful aroma to my life that you just cant accomplish in the winter, (though I do love the smell of rain). I have picked out some of my favorite flowers that I enjoy having in my home, garden, and even hair!

Sunflowers: These flowers are the epitome of summer to me. Though they don’t have much of a scent, they add warmth and happiness to any room, and I love that about them.3840x2160

Plumerias: These flowers may be my all time favorite. This iconic flower of Hawaii has a very distinct aroma that only princesses and Queens would wear. Plumerias come in all different colors including deep and light pinks, whites, yellows, even orange! These are my top pick for hair decor. BQMXN017-2

Peonies: Am I allowed to have a third favorite flower? Ha ha, so hard to pick just one. These gorgeous “puffy” looking flowers are perfect for interior decorating.Light_Medium_PInk_Peonies_Vase Peruvian Lily: I just love these! This is another breed of flower that comes in a multitude of colors perfect for indoors or outdoors! Google this flower! SOO many COLORSSS!Peruvian-Lily Lavender: Okay, okay, this is a favorite of mine as well BUT for more reasons than just look or smell. Lavender makes for a great essential oil, Used a lot for relaxation. The scent tigers a part of our brain that de-stresses us, and relaxes the body. It’s also great to use in your tea, for baking, and making lavender lemonade! Have you ever had a lavender macaroon? I suggest you try one. Also here is a recipe for Lavender lemonade – YUMMY (I like this one because it uses coconut too! If you don’t like coconut you can just skip that step!4 Forget-me-not: These little cuties are the most convenient of the bunch, in the sense that they grow all over the place. You can usually find some growing a long a fence. I like to pick them and place them on my desk in a tubular vase or small shot glass.Forget-me-not-Flower-Wallpaper7





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