How To Keep Positive

Lately, I’ve been really into writing what’s on my mind, and sharing my life with you guys. I tend to live a pretty happy, care free life, steering on the side of positivity  and optimism. Those who know me well, know this about me. So I just wanted to share some tips! I think having that positive vibe is a better look than being bitter and stuck in your ways. It’s just not cute, and no one wants to feel uncomfortable.

SMILE. This one is pretty straight forward, to the point, and almost obvious, though we don’t do10314651_10153240692032625_4351705835022742354_nit enough. People are running through their busy days. not focusing on whats happening around them, and letting their overwhelming thoughts take hold. Did you know that smiles are the most contagious visual? Meaning when we see someone smile, we cant help but smile too. (I saw this on a documentary about the human body). So whenever we smile at someone, we re prompting a positive, happy outcome. That person feels good, and so do you. Think about when someone gives you an “evil eye”, your first thought isn’t to run to them and hug them, it turns you off and then you cant stop thinking about what you did wrong. Don’t be that person. Smile!

DON’T WORRY, BE HAPPY. Our brains are very powerful and can dictate how the rest of our day will be. If you wake up in the morning and say, today is going to SUCK, I can feel it, well congratulations, you’ll probably be right. You mentally decided your day wont go well, so with everything that happens you are subconsciously looking at the negative side. If you wake up in the morning and say wow, today is so gorgeous, it’s going to be an amazing day. you are automatically (subconsciously) setting yourself up for a positive outlook. You will more than likely see the positive side. If you, for example, step in a muddy patch and the ground, someone who woke up with a positive outlook on their day will prob think, well thank god these weren’t my nicer shoes! Someone with the negative outlook will list everything bad from the inconvenience to the ruined shoes! Take in positive thoughts, and you’re one step closer to being happy.

10646829_10153240672637625_7000851743290679941_nHEAR NO EVIL. Have you ever been minding your own business and suddenly hear that someone just said something ill about you? Of course you probably have, it happens to the best of us. And most times we get really defensive. The best thing to do is let it go. Easy as that. Though this may be easier said than done, it all goes back to putting yourself in the right state of mind. You need to realize that people who say negative things about you (to other people, because they are more than likely too coward to say it to your face) are just angry in their own minds. Let them do their thing. No one says you have to befriend this person, trust this person, or hang out with this person. However if you do see this person on a pretty regular basis, be civil! If it ever comes up, be calm. Let them know how you feel without blowing things up. Remember they are the ones with ill intentions, you have done nothing wrong. Let them look like the crazy one.

SPEAK NO EVIL. Just like you shouldn’t stir up negativity, don’t start it either! It makes me sad when people talk badly about others. I will admit, I have done this, I believe we all have BUT, It’s not okay. Lately I just don’t do it. There will always be those people you don’t necessarily get along with, and that’s okay. But don’t shed your dull light on others, expecting them to feel the same, it’s awkward. It’s okay to have your restrictions about people, but flaunting negative things about them, and expecting your friends to chime in is evil, and is cause for a negative outlook. Not positive.

13483_10153240701032625_8463118027705511043_nBE FRIENDS WITH THE RIGHT PEOPLE. The older we get, the more friends we lose. Why?Well there are many reasons, one is work. For me personally I have lost friends because they couldn’t handle how busy life is for me. I always make time for those friends who WANT to be there, but for those who don’t make the effort, it’s much harder, so I let them go. Now is the time to focus on our futures, our goals, build and empire for ourselves, and chase after our ambitions. With all that, life can be busy and hectic, and friends you’ve had need to understand that. Never slow down because someone doesn’t have the energy to keep up. Those true friends will put forth the energy and help you thrive. Other reasons we lose friends are changes in the way we see the world. Those who are negative, and don’t let you flourish, are the ones who aren’t worth your time. It doesn’t matter  if you have known them since middle school, people grow and change. Some for the better and some for the worse. When making new friends, it’s best to gravitate towards the positive happy people who will always support you but will let you focus on those nights you can’t go out and party ‘cuz you have an essay to write, or a blog to work on.

10441399_973839492656540_8803873584720943863_nMEDITATE. Yes, meditate. It’s a quiet time you have with yourself, in your head to recap your day, and set intentions for yourself. Think about things that are bothering you, why you got so upset at your waiter earlier, or what you can do to help others. Anything you need to cover to bring you closer to a happy calm state. I love to meditate, and meditating doesn’t always mean your eyes are closed and you’re sitting criss cross. As long as you are alone, and deep in your thoughts. Sometimes, I will step out onto my balcony, light a candle, maybe some sandalwood and just think about life. Even while you are falling asleep in bed. Meditating is the best way to get in touch with your subconscious and understand your moods, and bring you to peace with yourself.

All in all it’s about mentality. You have to want to be happy and positive, and be okay with letting go of people or friends who are toxic to this. Work hard on what you love, and don’t lose track of the people in your life who want the best for you. Always smile, don’t let the little things get to you, take a deep breathe, meditate, and you are closer to radiating a positive life.

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