“Trends is a Dirty Word”

Trends is a dirty word. Anna Wintour said it best herself, but why? Why would “trends” be a dirty word? It’s used in the fashion world all the time! It’s like a fashion baby’s first word, the basics. Who knows why Anna thinks it’s dirty. There could be many different reasons why any person would think this. I happen to agree with the statement, so I want to share why I think trends is a dirty word. A new thing I’ve decided to do, is just blog my thoughts on fashion. I think about fashion about 90% of my day. So why not share some of my thoughts?  Who knows, my thoughts on the subject could be right along the same lines as Anna. Heck, maybe everyone already knows trends is a dirty word, but I can bet not everyone thinks this, or knows why. So I just want to share with those people and hope to inspire. 

For me, trends is only a word big fashion markets use to describe how their lines evolve. Obviously for every season, and every fashion week, the looks can’t look the same, so each line  creates what the fashion world calls a trend. What’s hot, What we are seeing on the runway. Then it goes into magazines, and both men and women start liking new trends. Now, I am not saying not to evolve, and not like these new trends, BUT if you are wearing an outfit, and you’re worried because “What if these shoes aren’t even in? Should I even wear them?”, Don’t be. It’s all about personal style. STYLE, not, “I’m only wearing this because I hear florals are in” (and yes I have heard things like this before) Of Course there are fashion laws that you shouldn’t break. You know, like don’t wear a heavy necklace and dangling earrings. Or heels with a mini skirt, CROCS, that sort of thing. This is more about a certain kind of style. Look at these examples (because these pertain to me personally, I am sure you can think of your own too) bell bottoms, jelly shoes, fanny packs, stacks! If I wore any of these things after they “went out of style”, and were “no longer trending” I would have felt like I was breaking one of those fashion rules. ( I have always loved these styles) but wasn’t always confident enough to pull it off.  Now lucky for me, all these trends are coming back, But say they weren’t. Now a days I feel like I have thought about being true to my own personal style.Bright colors are okay. Being a little out there and different is okay. It’s really whatever you are feeling that day, should be the pieces that go on your body. Just like when you are having a lazy day, and throw on some sweats or a track suit. It’s all relevant. Be Confident, if you love what you are wearing that is all that’s important. Don’t worry about if you are wearing too many bulky rings, or not sure if this bright print spandex crop is okay. If you feel good (and are staying classy) that is what Style is all about.

I have decided to share some photos that have’t been published of outtakes that are of me just being silly, having fun, and feeling confident.  IMG_0257 IMG_0335 IMG_0416 IMG_0553 IMG_0739 IMG_0802 IMG_0860 IMG_0876 IMG_0896 IMG_8440

So remember, it’s all about your mood. Don’t let the judgements of people stop you from wearing what you love. I still have friends that make fun of my jelly shoes, but I love them! So I will wear them whenever I want. “Trending” or not. ❤

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