We Heart Bloggers Event

Hey guys!!! So sorry for the lack of posts this week, busy busy busy, and the rain Sunday ruined my photo shoot plans. SOO with being sick, and the rain coming down hard, I decided to take a resting day and just focus on getting better! But I did want to share my Saturday with all of you! It was a busy busy day. I had an early morning getting ready for the We Heart It event in LA to celebrate bloggers and fashion. It was tons of fun. The event was located behind a candy shop in Hollywood! I have been to the shopping mall on Hollywood and Highland a million times and never knew about this back room. It really was an experience. The atmosphere was gorgeous. There were lovely views of the El Capitan theater, and apparently they were preparing for the Cinderella premiere later that night, so it was interesting getting to see all the work that went into the set up.

I wore an all black ensemble with a Faux fur vest, cole haan drivers and turned my shoulder bag into a fanny pack! It was the best decision of the day, haha. I was able to take photos with people, carry around my goody bag, and meet new people all while having a free hand. IMG_8530 IMG_8532 IMG_8538 IMG_8541 IMG_8545 IMG_8548 IMG_8556 IMG_8563

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