Happy New Year From Big Bear, Ca

Hey Guys!  Happy New Year! It was a great holiday, filled with so much love. 2015 is going to be Amazing, I already know it! This year, We rented out a cabin in Big Bear which was awesome. I haven’t been to the snow is YEARS… I mean since I was 4. And the snow was so fluffy, it was truly beautiful. We brought in the new year with all of our friends, went sledding, and build snowmen. (Its not as easy as it looks )IMG_0561IMG_0570 IMG_0560IMG_0498 output_FAS1pZ-1IMG_0515 IMG_0523 IMG_0597 IMG_0598 IMG_0600 IMG_0608 IMG_0632 IMG_0589IMG_0637 I’M WEARING >>

Blue Furry Top-H&M |Laguna Print Pants By Sabo Skirt Custom Made Top By Indian Wedding Saree


Janine Marie

2 thoughts on “Happy New Year From Big Bear, Ca

  1. You are pretty darn cute Janine. The Indian store shopping spre would make you mom proud!! What a fun trip with friends.

    Hi to Eric. I wore my slippers all weekend for warmth but I just stare at my coffee mug, It is great! I love it. Dad

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