Marina Del Rey, CA

Well Hello my lovely readers. It has been a crazy week because of the Thanksgiving holiday. I hope everyone had a great Thursday. I love this time of the year, eating all the yummy food and having amazing family time… it’s just the best.

After having  a stuffed Thursday, Eric and I took a little break on Friday, relaxed and saw a movie at ipic Theater. Saturday, we decided to head out and explore the neighborhood. We ended up in the Marina Del Rey, where we ate at this amazing little beachside cafe. It’s literally called Bech side Cafe haha, go figure. There we drank bottomless mimosas, and ate a delicious Brunch to jump start our day.There were two ADORABLE Bull Dogs there, one of which was so tired that when his owner wanted to leave he just laid down and eventually the owner had to pick up the big lug. AH, makes me want a pup. He was the cutest thing! Later we went over to where all the sail boats dock and enjoyed the fresh air. It really was such a gorgeous day.

It ‘s November, so you’d think there would be some chill in the air, but the sun was beaming down, just like it was still summer! I decided to wear a light top so I wouldn’t get too hot. All and all it was a lovely day!

IMG_0347 IMG_0403 IMG_0344 IMG_0553 IMG_0353 IMG_0366 IMG_0393 IMG_0546 IMG_0555IMG_0532IMG_0551IMG_0387 IMG_0350 IMG_0517 IMG_0413 IMG_0358IMG_0414 IMG_0381 IMG_0374 IMG_0505IMG_0437 IMG_0507 IMG_0548 IMG_0450 IMG_0462 IMG_0503 IMG_0492 IMG_0478 IMG_0446 IMG_0515 IMG_0346 IMG_0487

I’M WEARING>> Top: Ralph Lauren | Jeans: Cult Of Individuality, HERE | Jewels:  Melody Ehsani, Here


Janine Marie

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