San Francisco | Day two

janine twirl in tower IMG_0233 IMG_0238 IMG_0244 IMG_0241 IMG_0055 IMG_0052 IMG_0014 IMG_9947 IMG_0133

Absolutely love the geometric design on the Golden Gate Bridge.IMG_0016

Most amazing Asian pastry breakfast cafe. SO YUMIMG_0038 IMG_0029 IMG_0126 IMG_0039 IMG_0120 IMG_0090 IMG_0051 output_Gu1hC5 (1)IMG_9960 IMG_0080 IMG_9937 IMG_0130 IMG_0114 IMG_0089 IMG_0083 IMG_9932 IMG_9982 IMG_0176 IMG_0154

snagged my pants haha.

IMG_9989 IMG_0045 IMG_0207 IMG_0173 IMG_0219 IMG_0040 IMG_0171 IMG_0153

Day two was all about nature! We first headed over the Bay bridge to UC Berkeley, where we ate at this AMAZING little Asian style breakfast pastry shop. If you went to Berkeley, you definitely know what I am talking about. We then walked through the absolutely gorgeous campus, and went to the bell tower (one of the oldest towers on the campus). The tower had a breath taking view, it was such a great expirience.

We then headed back toward the city, and over the Golden Gate Bridge to Muir Woods in Mil Valley, just outside SF. Wow was it gorgeous!!! Tall Red Woods, as far as the eye could see. We later did some fun shopping, bought some gorgeous turquoise Jewels, and ate lunch. Finally, to wind down, we went to twin peaks, a spectacular lookout point that has views of the entire city, including the two bridges!

We had such an amazing time, I am about ready to move there haha!!


Janine Marie

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