San Francisco | Day One

IMG_9670 IMG_9691 IMG_9699 IMG_9705

Desert, night one. ^IMG_9714

Sunrise from our hotel room.IMG_9723 IMG_9725 IMG_9729 IMG_9741 IMG_9746 IMG_9755 IMG_9763 IMG_9770  IMG_9780 output_UqBV9bIMG_9788 IMG_9793 IMG_9796 IMG_9816 IMG_9817 IMG_9819 IMG_9825 IMG_9833 IMG_9840 IMG_9843 IMG_9850 IMG_9852 IMG_9855 IMG_9860 IMG_9861 IMG_9876 IMG_9884 IMG_9889 IMG_9887IMG_9894  IMG_9907 IMG_9912 IMG_9925 IMG_9927

IMG_9699 IMG_9691

I AM WEARING >> Day One: Top; Sabo Skirt | Shorts: Winzards | Shoes; Vans

Day Two: Top: Vintage Yard Sale | Shorts; Jean Shorts

WOW, What an amazing day this was. Alright let me start by saying this was my very first time visiting San Francisco. So silly seeing as how I am so close living in LA. And for those who don’t know, this was my 22nd Birthday girst from my loving Boyfriend/ Photographer. We Drove up and arrived late evening, and walked along the Embarcadero along our where our hotel was. It was absolutely breath taking, already, and we had barely been there 10 minutes. That night we had awesome Sushi at the restaurant located in our hotel, open to the public, Ozumo. Pictured are our yummy deserts. 🙂

The next morning, We got Dimsum, (Chinese breakfast) and walked around the Golden Gate Park residential area. It was so amazing, the views were spectacular, and the houses were so adorable (Have I mentioned I am going to live here one day?) We then walked around part of the golden gate park, near the flower observatory, where we heard amazing live music.

After Listening to the music we headed over to Fishermen’s Wharf, a sea side wonderland with boats, seafood, seagulls, and of course an aquarium. We ate our lunch, I had a Clam Chowder bread bowl, and Eric had the fried shrimp and fries, and we shared some oysters on the 1/2 shell. I just have to say, my clam shower was to die for…. SO amazing. After lunch, we headed to the Aquarium of the Bay, which was also fun! Later that night, we walked the city and enjoyed the bright lights.

Stay tuned for Day two’s look, tomorrow!

Night everyone!!


Janine Marie

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