Hello Autumn

Good Evening from Culver City, CA! 🙂 Tonight is such a beautiful night. Autumn is finally here, and the cool air is so nice after all the heat us Angelinos have been enduring. I am really excited about this post because it is my LAST post before heading to SAN FRANCISCO for my 22nd birthday Next week! I am really looking forward to photographing all my fun outfits, and sharing most likely Wednesday night!

On to this fun outfit I wore to visit family in the San Fernando Valley. I really love this outfit because of how affordable it was! These pants are made of very light, breathable material that were perfect for yesterdays valley weather. (It’s pretty hot there)  ↓↓

A Couple iPhone Fun Pics




IMG_9600 IMG_9604 IMG_9606 IMG_9612 IMG_9615 IMG_9618 IMG_9620IMG_9645  IMG_9658  IMG_9663

I was wearing >>

Top; H&M

Pants: Vintage Market (Buffalo Exchange)

Belt; Uniqlo

Shoes; Aldo

Bag: Borse In Pelle, Gift from Brought From Sweeden

Sunglasses; Kardashian Collection

I tied this shirt to make it a fun, casual look, but you can tuck this shirt in, pair it with a nice blazer, and wear it to the office. Or even wear some cute wedges, maybe a peep toe. I paired the Rusty Red pants, and the Mustard yellow bag to honor the new season, Autumn. It’s one of my favorite times of year, a time when the leaves are changing and the air is crisp.  Hope you all had a good read. I cannot wait to share next weeks adventure as we take over San Francisco for a few days. STAY TUNED


Janine Marie

Instagram: @janinemariej

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