Plants and Fashion

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I’M WEARING >>  Top; Light Satin Hand Me Down | Shorts; Both Sabo Skirt | Back Pack; Nine West

Was so much fun going to the nursery today! We bought so many great plants for our apartment, and yet.. I still want more! Haha. We have so many great nurseries around here, I have to check them all out! It was a hot day in Culver City, Ca. today. I wore a very light weight spaghetti strap, and some high waist shorts from one of my favorite Ausie brands, Sabo Skirt. Yes, as you noticed I had to do a wardrobe change, I spilled a little on my first ones! Silly me. Plants are such a positive way to add life and comfort to your home. I can;t wait to add to the collection!


Oh yes, and did I mention we went to an epic record store  in Culver City, just a few blocks from our apartment. We bought quite a few records. It was a great day! Hope everyone is having a happy Saturday.


Janine Marie

Instagram: @janinemairej

Twitter: @HazelEyedJM

Facebook: Hazel Eyed Couture by Janine Marie

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