Cole Haan – Event, LA

IMG_9212Hello everyone! So excited about this post because I had such a great time! First of all I was so excited to know that people there knew I was a fashion blogger, and that they were excited to see this post, So I am happy to write this for them as well. I wish I had taken more photos, but unfortunetly my battery died. (so embarrassing) Silly me.

Anyways, this was such a fun night. I was there with my boyfriend and his mother and sister, Who had just come home from living in Europe. It was great to spend some time with her as well after a little over a year of not seeing her.

Now as for the event. You walk in, and of course everyone is SO nice, even greeted us with hugs. They were serving DELICIOUS Baked pastries from Portos Bakery. (If you haven’t had Portos, Do it… Now.. Go.. I am telling you! I loved seeing all the shoes.. And the NEW shoes they have this season, with the gorgeous trim. I almost wish I had picked THOSE out, but It’s okay, I like the shoes I chose. 😉

IMG_9210IMG_9214 IMG_9215 IMG_9222 IMG_9223 IMG_9224 IMG_9225

I’M WEARING >> Top; Christian Dior | Shots; Rave | Sash; Made by me | Shoes; Prada

XO: Janine Marie

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