Body Suits, Why Every Girl Should Own One

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I’M WEARING>> Body Suit; Here  | Elephant top (photo 1); Brandy Melville | Maxi Skirt; Victorias Secret

 Body suits have been seen many a times as a dancers best friend. Whether it be while warming up, performing, or just rehearsing or messing around.  However, I see it as a necessity in a girls wardrobe, and there is one, very simple reason why; versatility. I know a lot of my readers know how much I love Rompers, because they are so convenient to just slip on, and just like that, you are set.

For Fall this season, all you lovely ladies out there should go and buy yourselves a nice body suit. They go from day to night very easily, and body suits are actually one of my favorite things to throw on when I am in a rush, or know that I will be in a rush later. They go from day to night with ease, they can be dressed up, down, and even get thrown under coats for a quick and easy look. All you have to do is accessorize accordingly.

Photographed, you can see that throwing a light, tank top, or shorts over the body suit makes for a very quick and comfy look. My favorite way to style a one piece is to throw a maxi skirt or waist high pants on over it. My suggestion would be to get a body suit that has some substance to it, like maybe an open back, or a fun lace design on the front. A lot of body suits can be very plain and not have a lot of stand out qualities. Go with something that will make you stand out.

Please check in later to see more on yesterday’s Cole Haan Event.


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